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You may wonder why we have made our product.

There are similar products around the world, and as such, this is not a new discovery.

However, not all of them have an environmentally friendly production process. Global warming is damaging our world as we know it and continues to increase to this day. Although people have come up with ways to minimize global warming, a single person, company or country cannot stop it alone. Hence, the production of our product.

Every man, every company, and every country need to work together to minimize the effects of Global Warming. Everyone should use materials and resources to not only meet the demands of today but also allow future generations to meet their demands as well.

If a man cannot find water, they can go to a store and buy water, on the other hand, if animals cannot find water, they cannot go to a store and buy water. If a natural material/product is destroyed another will come to take its place. For example, cutting down a tree provides room for another tree to grow which, however, takes many years to grow. There are many reasons for the importance of trees, such as reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels; always being present at/near a water source; providing homes for animals, humans, and every other living organism. Thus, without trees, there would be no living organisms. Therefore, instead of cutting down new trees to make products, products should be made from the by-products of the initial material harvesting process.


About the Product

The product is made from natural waste. 100% biodegradable

Coconut fiber is a plant-based product, which means that it is natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, unlike similar products.


Some of the characteristics of coconut fiber are its highly tough fibers and the ease of assembly of the husk into any desired shape. Thus, allowing coconut fiber to be used in many ways, for example as coir pots, which is made up of coconut fiber and plant latex to make a plant pot, thereby is a better alternative to plastic pots because it is biodegradable. Another example is using the husk to make a strong rope, which is both waterproof and resistant to salt damage. Lastly, coconut fiber can also be used as a cheap substitute for other conventional construction materials, for example, it can make concrete stronger when compressed together, while also making the concrete lightweight.

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About Us

COC COIREER TEC (PVT) LTD is an international company, having its Manufacturing Unit in Sri-Lanka and headquarters in Denmark and Branches in Major cities around the World. our main Product is Insulation Pallets made of Coconut waste recycling Fiber Material.
its totally ECO-Friendly and Modern.

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COC COIREER TEC (PVT) LTD Suthumalai centre,
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