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COC Coireer
Coconut Fiberboard

- One step forward to Clean World for Better Tomorrow
- We make Roofing Bock from Coconut Fibre
- 100% Eco Friendly, made out of Coconut waste.
- Certified from the Danish Institute of Technology

Coconut fiber


Coconut Fiberboard

An innovative method was developed to produce a new, high-quality building board material, Cocodec Fiberboard, from the fibrous coconut husks without the addition of chemical adhesives.

0% Global Warming

This product will not contribute to the World's Global Warming

100% Bio Product

The product is made out of Coconut fiber, which is totally Eco-Friendly.

Coconut Fiberboard






Our Core Concept
Coconut waste to building materials

Recycle Eco-Freindly Fire Proof

Coconut trees typically are growing in the bountiful tropical coastal areas of Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Central America. Coconut husks, a waste product from the copra and coconut oil production, are found there abundantly. An innovative method to produce Coconut Fiberboard was developed, which is a new, high-quality building board material from the fibrous husk without the addition of chemical adhesives.

Our product is

Environmentally Friendly .Clean .Modern

Multi Colour Fiberboard


Coconut Fiberboard

WHY COC Coireer?

Why do you need this product?

You may wonder why we have made our product.
There are similar products around the world, and as such, this is not a new discovery.
However, not all of them have an environmentally friendly production process. Global warming is damaging our world as we know it and continues to increase to this day.
Although people have come up with ways to minimize global warming, a single person, company or country cannot stop it alone. Hence, the production of our product.

About the Material.

What is coconut fibre?

Coconut fiber is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of a coconut, which is also known as coir fiber found between the hard-internal shell and the outer skin of the coconut. Coir fiber is seen as a by-product when extracting the fruit flesh from the coconut, which is used to produce milk, oil, and flour. The coir has a low demand which results in the fiber is very cheap to purchase.

  • Coconut fiber is a plant-based product
  • Its Totally made out of Natural ingredients.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • unlike other similar products, it doesn´t contribute to Global warming.

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About Us

COC COIREER TEC (PVT) LTD is an international company, having its Manufacturing Unit in Sri-Lanka and headquarters in Denmark and Branches in Major cities around the World. our main Product is Insulation Pallets made of Coconut waste recycling Fiber Material.
its totally ECO-Friendly and Modern.

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COC COIREER TEC (PVT) LTD Suthumalai centre,
Manipay, Jaffna,

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